mistresstv (2)

My name is Ashli-Richelle and this Blog will Document the Beginning of a New Relationship with the Beautiful MISTRESS ANNA as we attempt to begin a life together that is designed upon a Female Led and Controlled Relationship that will allow me as a true submissive to devote my life to Surrendering to HER WILL, DIRECTION, and DESIRES at all times as well as to Worship HER as the GODDESS SHE Is!

Hopefully, it will demonstrate the communication and basis of designing this relationship, as well as the building blocks being laid and put into place as we form the basis of our Lifetime Together. We both are ready for a Committed Relationship, that will be based on Honesty, Fidelity, and Communication as primary to each of us going forward in making a life together.

You, the reader, will learn about how this relationship began, about my personality and my submissiveness, as well as the desire to be in a Female Led Relationship as a life goal from my perspective.

It is also my hopes, that MISTRESS ANNA will enter into adding HER perspective as well as a bit about HER bio, HER feelings, and what it is SHE desires as we go further along in making our lives a reality.

With HER permission, i will look to include besides the narrative of our progression into this Female Led Relationship, but also photo’s of us living our lives on a regular basis.

Feel free to follow our Journey and if YOU have any Comments or Suggestions, Please share YOUR comments with us on the posts that provoke those thoughts.


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